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A.K.A A Jessica Jones Spec Script

Based on the Netflix Series by Melissa Rosenberg

Under new management, Alias Investigations takes on an intricate case. Hogarth and Associates juggle both crass and sophisticated clients.

The Assassination of Lost Innocence

Drama Short

Fueled by her stolen innocence at fourteen, a juvenile assassin delivers her own type of justice to stop the abusers of other young victims.

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Animated Serial Spec

Show Bible and Pilot

Based on X-Men character X-23 by

Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost

A young adult mutant uses her abilities to piece together her no edge puzzle of a memory.

Doorbells 2

Comedy Skit Sequel of SNL: New Doorbells

Need a new doorbell? Tina Tina Chanuse is back with a new batch. If you're not sure who Tina is she would be very angry with that fact and tell you to see her first appearance here 

NBC.com/SNL or HULU.com/SNLS35E9 at 50:40.

Easy Marc Crosshairs

Easy Marc

Crime Drama Mini-Series Ep. 2 Act 1 

Getting stabbed in the back by an old friend can land you in the hospital. Sometimes it can also land you in a world of lies, conspiracies, and hell. Can you trust anyone to help you figure it all out?

T & L: Mob City

Mini GDD for Action IF Video Game

Being the mob’s scapegoat is a tale as old as time, but you’re not going to let them pin anything on you. Expose the truth, expose the lies, expose the mob.

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